About me

Hey there, I’m Gavin! No, I didn’t study in a business/finance school, neither do I have any background in business/finance. I did take POA in secondary school but that’s about it. This website is where I share stock analyses as well as my journey in investing. Do take note that whatever I share is not a buy or sell call, and is purely just me sharing my thoughts. If you like what I do, please do support me by visiting and sharing my page often whenever I post my stock analyses.

My investing philosophy/methodology is simple. I focus on Dividend Growth Investing, but also with a mixture of Value and Growth Investing. My stock picks revolve around stocks that have been consistently paying as well as increasing their dividends year on year.

Why “Dividend Growth Investing” instead of the typical Value Investing or just trading? Simple! If a stock can continue growing its dividends year on year, its worth will also trend up, therefore, increasing its share price and value.

P.S. I’m running a telegram chat group for you guys to share and discuss investment-related topics so come on in! I’ll be there too! You can join the chat here: https://t.me/joinchat/D4iHeEVapnGC1lWcFEupVw

Affiliate Links and Collaborations

StocksCafe – Portfolio Tracking and Research

I currently use StocksCafe to keep track of my portfolio as well as to research stocks and keep my Watchlist. It has many functions as well such as a screener, etc. I’ve covered the many functions and features as well as why I use it so you can read about it here! If you’re interested, you can use my referral link to signup and get access to the premium features for 3 whole months instead of 2!

Tiger Brokers – Stock Trading Platform

I currently use Tiger Brokers to do some of my trades now because they have very cheap commissions. You can check out my full coverage on their platform here: Start Saving Up On Commission Costs! Use Tiger Brokers ! and 4 Reasons Why I Love Tiger Brokers! If you have yet to open an account with Tiger Brokers, use this link to get free Level 2 Data for US stocks for 30 days as well as 1 commission-free trade for US/HK stocks.

MooMoo – Stock Trading Platform

I currently use Moomoo as well to do some of my trades now because they have very cheap commissions. You can check out my review on them here: 3 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Moomoo’s Trading Platform. If you have yet to sign up for an account, now is the best chance to do so! With a deposit of SGD2,700, you will be entitled to a Free Apple share (worth ~$200) + $88 cash coupon. This equates to an ROI of over 10% just by depositing SGD2,700 into your account.

PyInvesting – Quantitative Investing Tool

For investors who are more focused on the number crunching, the quantitative part of investing, PyInvesting is here to help make your life easier. You can check out my full review of the platform itself as I cover the many features and functionalities you can use on the platform. PyInvesting! A New and Powerful Tool For Quantitative Investing